Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash


A lut can be thought of almost as a filter for an image or footage. Usually when content creators are talking about a lut, they are referring to it when it comes to film. Luts allow creators to quickly color grade footage, and make it all look similar and have the same energy. This depends a lot on the filming process though. When you are planning on usings Luts it is important to make all the shots with a very similar exposure and white balance. It also helps a lot to shoot in a FLAT color profile. This is a color profile that will tone down the overall footage and allow you to manipulate each individual color more. This is kind of like shooting RAW images as opposed to shooting JPEG. It is just easier to manipulate the color information the footage or image has.

Luts are a very easy way to make footage look more cinematic, and to edit lots of video files very quickly. You kind of just drag and drop them and adjust them a little to match the exposure and keep the different clips looking as cohesive and as similar as possible. They are very useful for creating different moods very quickly. For example in films like Mad Max, or The Matrix, or Tron, Legacy.

When it come to the world of AR and VR Luts can be used in the realm of instagram filters and many other social media apps. They can quickly make your images look more stylized and often the smooth out your skin and they can all other things to change the way your image looks. Even adding some grain or film fading effects to make the selfie or video look more vintage.



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